Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti - First four years report

Annual Report describing the first four years of activity for Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti

November, 2015
Art DirectionEditorial DesignGraphic Design
The Bucharest Community Foundation wanted to showcase their activity with a strong communication material that not only listed their various projects, but also provide facts that prove their impact in the community. I continued and improved on the design language of the first annual report, this time with a lot more content to play with. They had great visual, narrative and factual pieces for me to select, organize and frame and that was a big help in transforming events, programs and numbers into a beautiful story. This is the story of their work and passion, one that will help the NGO build a stronger relationship with their partners and supporters, individuals and companies alike. It also makes a strong case for transparency and as a tool for building trust. It is an emotional roller-coaster that tells of achievements and offers a glimpse into the dedication and energy needed behind the scenes in order to make a difference. 
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