The Social Services Map of Romania is a project that aims to improve the quality of the services by promoting transparency and offering easy access to current information. It makes it easy for anyone to see what services are available in what area, with easy filtering options and detailed information on each center, be it privately or state funded. The project also aims to improve communication between beneficiaries and those offering services, promoting rights awareness for everyone and offering a way for interested parties to look at aggregate information, glean insights, and even to donate or ask for donations. 

I was tasked with developing the identity and creating the UX / UI for the web interface, plus some promotion materials. My intention was to create a distinct, yet unobtrusive identity system, one that is inviting, calming, and helpful. The symbol is the embodiment of these ideals, a simple and easy mark to read that combines a caring hug with the location symbol. Going forward, the color system was specifically intended to promote serenity and trust, with pastel and natural tones, ones that invite to introspection and empathy. I then combined these with a typography system that is both modern and a bit quirky, promoting the character of the brand without compromising on readability or language specific features. 

The positioning and the whole project caters to both the needs of beneficiaries and centers that offer services. Thus "we better care and are cared for" is baked also into the intent behind developing the web interface. We wanted the system to be an easy way to share accurate information, to raise issues and needs. So the interface was designed responsively, with navigation patterns and signage that is intuitive even for the least experienced digital users among us. 

The communication materials focused on direct, trustworthy language and imagery, all in a branded envelope that helped establish and launch the service. 

During the Coronavirus lockdown, a dedicated section was developed for centralizing supply requests in all areas of the country to help organize distribution efforts.  

Visit the project homepage, and the Facebook page.

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