This project resulted in a limited edition, hand made production run that was presented as a special Christmas gift to Frankstahl’s partners. Frankstahl is one of Romania’s leading commercial steel distributors and they share a passion for design with me. So Lamp F was born, seeking to reinterpret the role of commercial steel in everyday life. It also speaks to Frankstahl’s commitment to its products and customers, using this opportunity to showcase their new service – thermal zinc coating. 

Lamp F uses a nearby wall to reflect and diffuse light. It incorporates 24 steel rods to define it’s shape and protect the eyes from the intensity of the light source. The packaging developed for this project serves a dual purpose: it is also a light diffuser, creating a warm ambient space around it. The light source used is an economic fluorescent 3U bulb – its shape mirroring the steel rods and base geometry. The packaging/diffuser is sewn by a local social enterprise and uses locally sourced, 100% cotton that is bleach, colorant and treatment free. 

Project credits: 
Client -Frankstahl Romania
Initiated by – FinedRefined
Design, Final assembly – Bogdan Moga
Wood base construction – Florin Moga
Packaging production – Atelierul de Panza 

Photography, Video, Editing, Sound: Bogdan Moga

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