Recycling is perhaps the best known term for acting responsibly with regards to protecting the environment. But before that, one should Reduce, Repair, Reuse. It's nuances that are sometimes lost in the conversation, nuances that highlight facts, best practices, and changing attitudes. 

So education was a big part of this project and I learned a lot doing it. Started with building an identity and then applying that system to all parts of the project. Aimed at packing not only rational relevance in the logo, but an also emotional trigger - a positive "can do" attitude. An optimistic smile, a dynamic sign that encapsulates the project's purposes. Aided by the positioning that roughly translates "together we can", the identity of the Recycling Map comes across as a helpful and hopeful experience. 

Then the project developed in two distinct but interlinked directions: educate and map. Education was developed as an easy to update Wordpress resource website where people can read about various materials, aspects and facts - something that will be continuously improved. The practical "what do I do with..." part of the project was more challenging and involved designing an interactive system on top of Google Maps that was web based, crowd sourced, and completely responsive. 

To this end, developed several use cases and imagined multiple consumer journeys to enable different paths people might want to take and have the system enable them. All this so that the user has an intuitive interface that works across a great variety of devices, and that enables them to quickly find what they need. So that the user can offer feedback to the quality of the information and be able to offer improvements. So that questions about collection points are answered with verified, current, local answers. 

The project launched in May 2019. Visit the website and the map

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