Smart Bill is the leading Romanian provider of digital billing services. They asked me to create a landing page for a campaign aimed at improving trial and new subscriptions for their service. 

The challenge here was to tell the story of Smart Bill in a way that is both informative and effective. That it's easy to relieve some of the hassles of billing and to show that going digital with bills can save a lot of time. 

So I created a visual story that was relaxed, fun but dense on key features. With a hero area that kept the mood lighthearted, combining a summer terrace with a playful puppy. Then I used fun characters, informative icons, and honest tone of voice to get the message across. Aimed at optimizing for high readability - easy to scan, fast loading, flexible & responsive design. 

The landing page is brand aligned and enforces the brand promise of Smart Bill - that of striving to be the entrepreneur's best friend. 

Visit the live page.


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