In the spring of 2022 I teamed up with former colleagues in order to contribute to a bigger campaign that took place in various Global Travel Retail locations in airport duty free areas around the world.

Jägermeister wanted to offer a unique experience in premium locations to travelers looking for a new form of self expression. The bigger campaign was called Ice Kühl Gallery and involved enabling people to create cool self portraits in a digital experience that was fun, intuitive and well adapted to available conditions. In the end, they would get to have their portrait included in a grand gallery and learn of the secret ingredient for a great Jägermeister experience. 

My work involved proposing different physical setups, developing a UI flow structure that considered all variables, plus legal and technical aspects, and then designing the UI layout and interactive elements according to the brief and brand manual. I offered a fully functional, interactive mock-up of the experience so that everyone had a good idea of the finished project functionality. Also, towards the end, offering support for development and implementation - exporting files and finetuning. 

Pictured above is the cover of one of the presentation decks I developed to showcase the work. Due to NDA agreements I cannot show more, but I can share that the project went smoothly, and it was a pleasure to work again with my former colleagues. It felt good to share a common energy and excitement while exploring different ideas and enjoying a fun atmosphere as one would when reconnecting with old friends. 

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