Bogdan is a Transylvanian born, Bucharest educated, Berlin based Senior Designer. He loves solving communication problems, as he did for ten years working as an Art Director at big agencies like Ogilvy & Mather. While there, he created  solutions that won pitches, influenced minds and sold products, for brands like IBM, Nivea, or Johnnie Walker. 
Since 2014 he's freelancing, with results that are consistent, practical and moving, creating branding systems and developing brand aligned communication.
While he specializes in Identity Design, he's comfortable working on most types of communication projects. He is curious and always looking to improve. He has high professional expectations from the people he works with and especially from himself. 
Every once in a while Bogdan enjoys creating and constructing stuff like the lighting and bird inspired contraptions awarded here and here. Check out the shop for unique and limited edition home décor pieces. Enjoy some of his informal explorations here
Learn more about his work history, skills and what others think about collaborating with him here. 
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