Bogdan is a Transylvanian born, Bucharest educated, Berlin based self taught designer with a keen interest in continuous learning. He's passionate about combining proven models with new tools and skills in order to empower, diversify and enrich expression. 
He also loves solving problems. Did so for ten years working as an Art Director for big agencies like Ogilvy & Mather. Developed solutions to communication problems that won pitches, influenced minds and sold products. Since 2014 he started freelancing, with a renewed drive to create design work that is consistent, emotionally involving, and efficient.
While he specializes in identity design, he's worked with most communication forms and welcomes challenges. He loves working on branding, brand communication, user centered experience & interface for interactive projects, publications, posters, reports, video animation or any type of print or digital endeavor. He has high professional expectations from the people he works with and especially from himself. 
He also enjoys constructing ideas with a physical dimension, with international awards here and here. Check out the web shop for unique and limited edition home décor pieces. 
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