Magazine design
Editorial design: Nestblick 2022-23 editions.
January, 2023
Visual Identity +
Comprehensive branding and visual communication work spanning several years for an important sustainability NGO
December, 2021
Annual Report: Special Edition
Community foundation report detailing activities, achievements and financial results.
November, 2017
Teaching the Future
Communication assets for the first accelerator for Computer Science teachers.
December, 2016
Stories of real heroes
Illustrations for stories describing great work done by people to help others during the pandemic using digital tools. Education and civic related work.
April, 2021
Enforcers of the Symmetry
Illustrated movie poster. Personal project involving animal characters, story and mixed media illustration. Silkscreen print film poster.
May, 2020
Branding, web design and templates for an NGO focused digital communication program fighting disinformation
March, 2018
Public Participation Gala
Case study for all visual communication assets created for the annual Gala of CeRe - the center for resources in public participation
April, 2019
Product design, construction, naming, branding, photography and web design for a web shop selling unique and limited edition home decoration pieces.
July, 2016
Smart Bill
Landing page design - increase trial and new subscriptions for SAAS
June, 2018
Digital Handbook
Communication materials for an education focused digital skills project
November, 2017
Map of Social Services
Branding, launch communication materials and UX / UI design for a Social Services platform
April, 2020
Vital Signs Bucharest
Branding, editorial design, information design and web design for a community research methodology
May, 2017
Kraken PvP
User interface and experience for a iOS mobile app that enables friendly e-sports betting.
February, 2023