The Foundation's report for 2021 is a special edition, since Bucharest Community Foundation celebrates ten years of activity. We aimed at showcasing the remarkable effort, ingenuity and results that took FCB from humble beginnings to one of the most important pillars of civic society in Bucharest.
This is one of a series of reports we did over the years. Scroll to the bottom to see the covers of them all. When I started working on this the first time, I had this idea of building trust trough a cohesive series of reports. A decade later, the reports are a nice looking collection of stories and facts about the foundation. It is an important tool for them to show dedication, build trust and raise funds. 
The repots evolved over the years, keeping the main visual elements in place and keeping close to the branding I also developed for them. So each year I did some improvements, changes in the layout, presentation and graphics. Each year, we improved it, made it easier to read, more informative and compelling. 
For the year of the pandemic the foundation's report was heavily contrasting, with distanced typography for the cover to mirror real-life distancing, and full color chapter pages, with color, photography and stories lending a degree of gravity. For the report detailed below, I tried to instill a sense of optimism, using pastel colors and joyful patterns. this time we took a lighter route, expressing some hope and optimism for the future and taking a breath to celebrate all that has been accomplished. 
As every other year, I made some other small improvements while also keeping a consistent look so that this edition fits nicely within the collection. 

Read the full report here: Annual Report 2021

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