The Foundation's report for 2021 is a special edition, since FCB celebrates ten years of activity. We aimed at showcasing the remarkable effort ingenuity and results that took FCB from humble beginnings to one of the most important pillars of civic society in Bucharest. There is a special chapter that tells the story with words, infographics and timelines. 
From a visual standpoint, I tried to instill a sense of optimism, using pastel colors and joyful patterns. If last year the report was heavily contrasting, with distanced typography for the cover and full color chapter pages, this year we took a lighter route, expressing some hope and optimism for the future and taking a breath to celebrate all that has been accomplished. 
I made some other small improvements while also keeping a consistent look so that this eighth edition fits nicely with the collection of past reports. 

Read the full report here: Annual report 2021

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