I was asked to contribute to a project aiming to develop an exciting, intuitive and practical e-sports betting app. The developer had already started with a few building blocks I then built on and worked with to create a complete experience. 
My responsibilities were to design all aspects of the user interface, to come up with a structure and an interactive system that I then implemented across the app. I standardized color use, created iconography, set the typography, developed layouts for all the different screens, created illustrations for "no data" situations. I created animations for small interface elements and set the tone of voice for the brand and the app and wrote the language guiding the user.
Together with the developer we strategized on different technical and interactive ideas to validate identity, match users, improve interactivity and features. We came up with cool solutions to different challenges to improve interactivity, safety and excitement. 
I used Illustrator for icon design and illustration, and After Effects for animations and the "bodymotion" plugin for JSON export. I set the color system, used components for all interactive reusable elements (buttons, icons, cards and lists), did styling for all typography use cases and had a separate page in Figma for all that so they are easy to find and modify if needed. 
It was challenging to iterate many times for the win cards and for the default user icons and hierarchy frames. It was great to be able to work on all aspects of the app, and it felt awesome to see it come together in a cohesive experience. Overall it was a great experience, I learned a lot and improved my design skills with Figma. 

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