Nestblick is the name of Nestle Germany's yearly internal communication magazine. It provides timely information about the people, projects and culture at the company. And while I cannot write about specifics, what follows is an account of my experience on being part of the team that designs the magazine.  

The second Nestblick project - the 2023 edition - felt like a thoughtful evolution. The creative direction offered by Pure was clearly defined, straightforward and well adapted to the new edition's content. The project was carefully developed, managed and written and I was happy to have had great material to work with. 
I was once more responsible for designing part of the magazine, offering multiple layouts and then working towards satisfying all requirements form a diverse stockholder base. Again I felt encouraged and supported to strive for great work and the feedback from both the client and from the team at Pure added meaningfully to the value of the final work. 
The feedback has been glowing, both in terms of overall visual look and feel and with regards to incorporating the concept, ideas and content into the layouts. 
It also felt great to reconnect with everybody, work is a ton of fun with people I click with. 

In 2022 I was asked to be part of the team to design Nestblick. My partner on this project was the highly professional, creative and warm team at Pure. I was amazed of how people with different backgrounds can work so well together, we immediately hit it off and were in sync on intuitions and creative decisions. I learned a lot from them and felt welcomed and encouraged to strive for the best the magazine could be. 
My responsibilities included designing the layout for a significant portion of the magazine, offering solutions on photography, typography and styling, as well as providing illustrations and photo editing where needed. The goal was to tell a compelling story with each article, while implementing branding guidelines and tie it all nicely in the grand narrative of the project. 
There were creative and technical challenges, and at times the deadlines were tight, but we managed to pull through to meet the production deadline and all technical and creative specifications. The project lasted several months and entailed both remote and on premise design work. Due to NDAs I cannot show the work, but I'm happy to have my name included in the personalized cover batch of the magazine, photographed above. 
It felt great to receive feedback like "Hats off - that's miles away from the last draft and a great new layout, feedback well implemented - I like!!!" or "Great design - thank you for the good implementation of our feedback!". 

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