In early 2022 I was asked to be part of the team to design the yearly Nestle Germany's internal communication magazine. The project lasted several months and entailed both remote work and on premise design work towards the end.

My partners on this project were the highly professional, creative and warm people of Pure Perfection. I was amazed of how people with different backgrounds can work so well together, we immediately hit it off and were in sync on intuitions and creative decisions. I learned a lot from them and felt welcomed and encouraged to strive for the best the magazine could be. 

My responsibilities included designing the layout for a significant portion of the magazine, offering solutions on photography, typography and styling, as well as providing illustrations for some of the content. Also combining photography with illustration and photo manipulation when needed. 

There were creative and technical challenges, and at times the deadlines were tight, but we managed to pull through to meet the production deadline and all technical and creative specifications. Due to NDA agreements I cannot show the work done, but I'm happy to have my name included in the personalized cover batch of the magazine. 

It felt great to receive feedback like "Hats off - that's miles away from the last draft and a great new layout, feedback well implemented - I like!!!" or "Great design - thank you for the good implementation of our feedback!" - translated from German. Overall, I feel fortunate to have worked on this project and look forward to more. 

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