Unikoti is seeking to design and produce unique and limited edition pieces that aims to help making one's personal space feel right. It is a passion project born out of a desire of making things with my hands.
The branding was created with a simple, clean aesthetic in mind. It aims at conveying the love and labor put into making the products, so it felt natural to hand draw the logo and make use of unsophisticated but beautifully textured materials for the packaging. 
The web shop is intended to offer a clean, easy to navigate experience. Using few graphic elements, and focused on showcasing the products: two column layout for the homepage, a single column for products and all other pages. 
I learned a lot developing this project, as it involved designing and physically building part of the products (my brother is doing everything wood based), naming, creating the identity, photography, web design (thank you Radu Dita for covering web development). 

Visit the shop here: 

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