Unikoti is seeking to design and produce unique and limited edition pieces that aims to help making one's personal space feel right. It is a passion project born out of a desire of making things with my hands.
This was a valuable learning experience for me as I've gone through all the phases of  creating a physical product, naming, branding, package design, photography, web design, and then promotion. 
First, product design: development, construction and then participating with some of them in international design competitions. My brother did all the wood based pieces. Then searching for a suitable naming that not only instills the right frame of mind for our endeavor, but also easy to remember and enunciate no matter what your mother tongue is. After that, developing the sign, wordmark and the rest of the visual identity, aiming for a compelling result with a simple, clean aesthetic in mind. The branding work conveys the love and labor put into making the products, so it felt natural to hand draw the logo and make use of unsophisticated but beautifully textured materials for the packaging. After that, thinking of, setting up and executing the photo shoots for all the products presented. Involving friends, family and many different environments. Then designing the web shop to offer a clean, easy to navigate experience. Using few graphic elements, and focused on showcasing the products. And then struggling with the question of how much money do I need to pay for promotion before I sell a product. 
I learned a lot developing this project. 

Visit the shop here: 

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