CeRe is one of the most important civic support entities in Romania. They help people and other NGOs to lobby and advocate with public authorities in order to create or improve laws, right wrongs, make voices heard. Every year they award successful civic initiatives, and the people behind them, be them from the public or authorities.  

2019 was the tenth anniversary of the Gala for Public Participation Awards, and I was happy to contribute. We did all the communication materials, print and digital, all character animation and motion graphics for the videos that presented the initiatives and the people being awarded. 

We started with a concept of people protesting / supporting bigger heads and the headline "Om cu om facem puterea" - loosely translated as "one by one exerting power". The metaphor was double edged: the public propels people in power; the public holds the true power. From there we did all the other layouts, adjusting or reinterpreting for each individual use case. Also did individual illustrations for each of the twelve awards. 

For the video presentations of the awards I wanted to do something special. So I reinterpreted the key visual, flipped it to add meaning and nuance to the concept. At the Gala the characters are no longer protesting / supporting big heads, but they're dancing. They've won, and they're happily showing it through dance. The video is supported by a bouncy and cheerful track, with jazzy tones, hand claps and lots of feel-good moods by Jonathan Boyle. All event photography was done by Cosmin Sbarcea.  

I'm thrilled of how things turned out, and the feedback was awesome. 

Here's a short clip with highlights from the event:
And a video of the entire real-time stream from the Gala night. 

Click on these too!