Bucharest: Community Pulse is the first implementation of the Vital Signs data gathering and research methodology in Romania. It is helpful in identifying, measuring and prioritizing issues that face the community. 
I think projects like these are sorely needed and when I was tasked with creating the communication package I found myself acutely aware of the importance and even more involved than usual. 

My aim was to create a clean visual system, with simple yet suggestive elements, and keep the materials highly readable. So proceeded to making an out of the way design that doesn't want to stand out on it's own, rather enrich, frame and structure the content so that it's as easy as possible to read and understand. 

To this end, there are almost 40 data graphs included in the report, color coding for the 12 chapters, and a format that is proportioned to fit both the hand in it's printed form and the most usual screen ratios for digital. 

We also developed a website, so that the project can be expanded with fresh new information over time and keep it's relevance and community involvement at high levels. 

Photo credit: Valentin Boboc

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