"Teaching the future" (Predau Viitor) is the name of an ambitious Techsoup programme designed to help high-school Computer Science teachers improve on their methods. It basically works like an accelerator, with teachers meeting and exchanging ideas with important tech sector actors. This and other activities are designed to help teachers better understand real world IT challenges and opportunities their students will face. 
At first, my work involved finding a name for the programme, and establishing a basic visual guide to make sure communication materials are consistent and efficient. I also designed the key visuals for various new components that are then adapted for various communication uses. 
The work evolved over the years, with adaptations of the website, Social Media communication campaigns, and various infographics and presentations. 

2016 was the pilot year and the communication materials were met with enthusiasm, which was a key part in attracting teachers. "Love the name of your programme. You made me curious, count me in" - some of the feedback from teachers. 

2017 saw the continuation of the programme, gaining support from major sponsors and the unveiling of the website here.

2018 marks the first year of collaboration with a team of researchers from Cambridge University to develop a methodology for testing and improving creative thinking and STEM teaching in the classroom. 

2020 is the year that all efforts concentrated on making courses and resources available online. With a proven track record and building on existing know-how, the project was able to scale and shift very fast and be one of the important online educational tools available during the pandemic.