This is a personal project. Developed the story, characters, naming and everything so that I have a good starting point for the most ambitious illustration project of mine to date: the poster of the film. 

Enforcers of the Symmetry
After a particularly egregious human assault on natural territory and the associated loss of life, animals across the world awaken a deep, ubiquitous consciousness that binds all animal life, one that hasn't been felt since the fall of the dinosaurs. Driven by a common purpose and suddenly able to coordinate, the living organism that is made up of all animal life on Earth starts fighting back. They develop tactics like adapting animal viruses for the human population, taking back a big chunk of the food supply, or inducing mass depression telepathically. Their efforts aim to restore the natural balance, a delicate, symmetric equilibrium that has been increasingly distorted since the dawn of human civilization.
Will the people of Earth manage to survive in the midst of religious turmoil, widespread pandemics and famine? Join the epic journey of unlikely heroes and find out. 

Poster: technical specifications
- 70 x 100 cm, 300dpi
- 4 spot color plates
- mixed media: ink on paper & digital 

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